The Archfire - sometimes also called Allfire or the Essence - is the very essence of Eo's magic and a power only the All-Father Aonir can tame.


As it is the essence of all magic, every mage that has reached a certain degree of power can perceive its voice. It tells things everyone seeks for: Power, conquests, treasures, glory and many things more.

But Archfire is dangerous! Not only because no one can truly control it but also because it works the same way a drug does. Once a mage has tasted it he will forever be addicted to it. The craving for Archfire becomes more and more and because the Archfire represents the magic's primordial power the mage ultimately grows stronger.

When Archfire has imbued the body of a living being it was said that the corporeal body was imprevious to everything but three things. Only another being controlling Archfire, a god or the flames of a Great Dragon are supposed to be able to kill Archfire-infused beings.


Archfire is related to the fall of the Shapers, the first inhabitants of Eo and children of the gods. After exploring every single part of the world, the Shapers turned to the invisible side of it and found the Archfire. However, even though the Shapers were powerful, only Aonir could control the Archfire.

They became addicted to it and their great civilization became a decadent one. They waged war against each other, always longing for more of the power the Archfire would give them and, eventually, the Great Dragons of Eo awakened and completely destroyed the Shapers' culture, purging the world from their corruption. Only few of the race remained who were the ancestors of the elves, dwarves and humans.

After the Mage Wars

Long before the circle, during the time of the Mage Wars when the Corporal discovered the lost Shaper city of Mulandir he also rediscovered their origin of power: The Essence as it was called by Isgrimm. Ultimately this essence was bound to an amulet by the Purities' leader Rondar Lacaine and with its help was used to create magic as it was never seen before. After the fanatics were defeated during the Purity Wars, the Corporals companions founded the Circle.

The circle

After the Convocation, Rohen Tahir used his archfire powers to create the Portal network to reconnect the islands.

Said mages of the Circle wanted to use the Archfire to do good in Eo but they fell under its power the same way the Shapers did. And their desire for the power ultimately led to the outbursts of primordial chaos which was once put to sleep by the Godfather Aonir, the so-called Convocation.

This led to the death of allmost any Circle mage and ripped apart the huge continents into shattered islands. Those mages who did not die first fought themselves in a struggle for even more power. Rohen Tahir was the only mage of the circle said to have survived the great war and was also the one who created the portals that were connecting the shattered islands floating within the wild sea of the elements.

Post-circle era

After the circle seconds defeat within the Bone Temple in the Black Jungle of Zarach, the portals of Rohen started to loose their power, meaning their power source was most likely Rohen's control over the Archfire.

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