The Aryn Crisis was a series of events taking place after the Battle of Fiara had come to an end. The Frostweaver Aryn was awakening from his slumber and was preparing to fly and freeze the world once more and could only be prevented by the Shadow Warrior through his actions all across Urgath.

Cenwen's abduction

After the ice elves' queen had joined Aryn aeons ago, the dragon and Cenwen were united ever since. She would sing for him and calm the frostweavers mind to stop him from bringing eternal winter. The Fial Darg however had an entirely different plan.

He wove a spell that numbed Aryn's senses and amidst the confusion he abducted Cenwen and arrangeed her to be transported into the Crimson Empire's territory. When Aryn came back to his senses, he noticed his companion's disappearance and roared in anger and prepared his departure to search for Cenwen.

The Fial Darg's and Grim's plan

As a servant of the dark gods, Zarach and Nor, the Fial Darg had not forgotten the many set-backs he had to suffer from the War of the Six Races and the guardian gods intervention at the Godwall. He tried to create a pathway for his masters so that they would be able to return from their banishment.

On Willow Winter Day, the disc of the sun will cover Aonir's star. Then he must sacrifice her to achieve his plan.
Elune talking about the Fial Darg
in Tirganach

With his powerful physique neither the Fial Darg nor the renegade gods had to fear the Frostweaver, but the other races of Urgath were tremendously shivering and feared the day when Aryn would fly again. The future Shadow Warrior who unknowlingly supported Grim and the Fial Darg first, later helped in escorting the Mirraw Thur Resistance to Tirganach and together with the Winterguard's priestesses Lena and the rune warrior came up with a plan to rescue Cenwen.

Tirganach, Fastholme and Shal'Dun

FireAndIce Windjalf

The elder Windjalf was keeping the Firebane

Because of the powerful magic defenses around the Crimson Empire's capital city Shal'Dun not even the Winterguard attempted to directly provoke the Crimson dark elves. The future Shadow Warrior had to find a way to overcome those barriers and departed to Fastholme.

The dwarven smiths there were holding a secret art - the Firebane - which would grant an immense resistance against the blazing heat of Shal'Dun's sun towers. After he was able to convince Windjalf to handing over the Firebane to him, the rune warrior waged war.

He conquered both the Nevershade Frontier as well as Shal'Dun. The traitor Grim was found in the center of the city and was defeated in combat. Being tortured by Lena's ice magic he revealed his master's only weakness: The Shadowblade.

Fight in the Abyss

IntoTheAbyss SoulFire

Soulfire barriers were blocking the path inside the Abyss

After the Shadow Warrior had aquired the legendary blade from the Fireangel of the Firefangs, he then departed through the portal to the Abyss. The Willow Winter Day was already closing in and they had to hurry. They deactivated the Soulfire barriers blocking the path inside the Abyss and were able to entirely annihilate the Crimson Empire's garrison inside.

When the group saw Cenwen on some kind of shrine in the sanctum of the Abyss, she rushed ahead and tried to free her but the Fial Darg appeared and killed the Shadow Warrior's companion. After a tough fight the Shadowblade was able to kill the prince of darkness and Cenwen escaped from the sacrifical shrine.

Calming the Frostweaver

WinterDragon DragonStone

A Dragon Stone surrounded by ice dragons that was blocking the path to Aryn.

Although the Fial Darg was long dead his spell still worked on Aryn and clouded his mind. With Murim's help the rune warrior unearthed some fire crystals to fight back the harsh coldness emitted by the Frostweaver.

Dozens of drakelings and other ice creatures were blocking the path to the great dragon and only after a tough fight, the frostweaver was weakened enough.  The spell was undone and Cenwen's singing reached the dragon's mind. He understood that his life-long companion had finally returned and together they finally slept again. The Aryn Crisis had come to an end.