The Battle of Fiara - sometimes called Battle for Fiara - is a series of events located in the country of Nortander. With the rebirth of a rune warrior at Greyfell and her liberation through Rohen Tahir, the battle for Fiara had already started. The rune warrior, that later on was known as the Phoenix Bearer, had massively influenced the outcome of the battle of Fiara.

Chasing after Rohen

Shortly after the Phoenix Bearer was reborn, Rohen had set out to investigate a mysterious enemy breaking in to the Wildland Pass from the Frost Marshes. The rune warrior then found out that Rohen was walking into a trap of the Dark One.

He went after him but because of the hordes of the Black Fist the rune warrior was always delayed until she finally met Rohen at the southern edge of the Frost Marshes. There the Dark One's trap froze both Rohen and the rune warrior on the spot and Rohen then was killed.

Hokan's Legacy

Rohen's last words were that to defeat the Dark One, a source of archfire power was needed. The rune warrior headed to the Darklands and to the former capital of the Circle, Mulandir. She was confronted with the Guardian, who wanted to give her the stone after having helped him in getting the four timeshards.

We have not got much time. Find Hokan's legacy. That is the only way you can prevent the destruction of the world. Search for it and for a way of stopping a circle mage.
— Old man Rohen about the Phoenix Stone

However the Guardian turned out to be Mechlan, a rogue mage, who attacked the rune warrior. Only after chasing him to the inner temple of Mulandir, the rune warrior would get the real phoenix stone.

Confronting the Dark One

With the stone acquired, the Order of Dawn headed to the Frost Marshes and broke through the blockade of the Blades. The rune warrior headed to the Southern Godmark to go after the order's leader, Sartarius. However the Dark One waited for the rune warrior, froze both of them and killed Sartarius with the same ice magic used to kill Rohen.


The Dark One placed a trap for the rune warrior.

He also took the Phoenix Stone and Rohen's book. The rune warrior was left to die but was rescued by Urias and Craig Un'Shallach. To avenge Sartarius and Rohen the Phoenix Bearer went to Urgath and confronted the Dark One in Sharrowdale. The Dark One was revealed as a younger Rohen but attempted to use the Phoenix Stone to go back in time to the Convocation.

Rohen departed through his time portal and thus completed his cycle of life. After he departed, the rune warrior took the stone from the time portal and thus ended the Battle of Fiara.