The Black Fist - also known as The Fist, The Black Hand or The Hand - was a multi-race mercenary organisation led by the brutal human Brannigan.

Brannigan's horde, that miserable lot. This was once a peaceful spot - from here all the way up to the Wildland Pass. But now it looks like there is a war on again.
Ortah Gelfbeard about the Fist

They used the orcs under their command for massive assaults in the island close to Wildland Pass but in the end they were pushed back to their main base by the rune warrior and finally obliterated.


  • Brannigan: Founder of the Black Fist and a heavy fighter with strong attacks.
  • Shirkar: An orcish shaman with strong attacks and fire spells.
  • Calira Winterwhite: A human mage specialized in white magic support.
  • Halgard Arvig: Traitor of house Ultran with shield and sword proficiency.
  • The Dark One (supporting role): Probably the mastermind behind the founding of the Black Fist.



Brannigan's main camp at the Wildland Pass

The main force of the Black Fist were mostly orc fighters with good equipment. However they also had support from human bandits and mercenaries and the smaller goblins. While the combat forces had been rather weak in Liannon, the close the rune warrior got to their main base, the stronger the force opposing became. At the Wildland Pass, the resistance had become massive and hard to beat for even the Order of Dawn.

Islands formerly with Black Fist camps:

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