• TheAwesomestRuler

    As of today the game SpellForce 3 has been released for one year already.

    While having had a rather bumpy release with some serious bugs, it was patched immensively by Grimlore Games. It is now at a stable state.

    NeoX - who was responsible for developing the SpellForce 3 Content Patches (see here and here), had taken the initiative of releasing a huge map for the multiplayer part of the game. See for yourselves on the links below

    • Mistvale @NexusMods
    • Mistvale @ModDB

    I was hoping once, that I'd complete SpellForce 3 main-quest in regards to the articles by now, but sadly my real life and other things had slowed down the process. However the wiki is still growing, still expanding and sooner or later, we will have it all covered! May your blood neve…

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  • TheAwesomestRuler

    Greetings writers and users,

    the SpellForce Wikia is continiously expanding. Many articles are being added, new things are being learned and improved in the process. Because I was not an proficient author in terms of Wikia code and formatting, when I started here, many old articles suffer from poor design and and are lacking in terms of quality.

    I need users, who would do "fixing" work. They don't need to create new content, but instead need to revisit old sites to match the most recent standards.

    • Old article: Battle-worn Longsword
    • New article: Crippling Blade

    You can see that the article has a different layout, they are more inter-article links and are generally more appealing. If you are interested in helping, please contact me in discord The…

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  • TheAwesomestRuler

    Sadly Grimlore Games turned off the wikia for the SpellForce and SpellForce 2 game series.

    No one however was able to answer the questions of how and why this happened. I hope for getting some of the old data to continue to be able to work on the SF2 content as there is hardly anything else in the WWW.

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  • TheAwesomestRuler

    I found that the old content from the very first SpellForce game was severly lacking. I added the main quests and a huge bunch of side-quests (see Quests). I will soon add the remaining side-quests as well as more relevant NPC and the maps of said game.

    If anyone else is still interested in writing on this wikia, feel free to do so. I will gladly accept any additional writer.

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  • TheAwesomestRuler

    Hello SpellForce fans,

    recently I took over the administration of the english spellforce wikia you're currently reading. I am currently working hard on creating new content for SpellForce 3 mostly. But also old and outdated SpellForce 1/2 articles are under rework.

    If you feel motivated to help, please do so. There is always something to do!

    Greetings, TheAwesomestRuler

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  • Spud54

    The goblin rampage

    December 11, 2009 by Spud54

    A goblin kills a man and this man dropped a key.

    The goblin picks up the key.

    The goblin finds a jail loaded with goblins.

    The goblin puts the key in the lock and the door swings open.


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