Cave Orcs are a subspecies of orcs without organization shown in the first SpellForce series.

Background information

They are primitive in comparison with regular orcs that would assmble in clans or tribes, but they do have the technology of construction, fire and healing magic.

When the future Phoenix Bearer was summoned by Rohen Tahir he was fighting the cave orcs in their village in the Shadow Pass. Later on the cave orcs tried to attack Greyfell to take revenge for their fallen brothers but were annihilated by the knights of the Order of Dawn.

Living in seclusion

Often the cave orcs prefer to live in isolation and ignore their surrounding neighbors. Urgath and the lands of Xu were once home to these orcs since they were able to keep a distance to other races. But because of the others' constantly expanding more and more orcs have joined huge clans to improve their chances of survival.

Magic gifts

Even with magic being less than average compared to other races within the orcs, the cave orcs do even worse. Because they lack training and proper experience the shamans are at most able to launch some weak fire sparks onto enemies while only being able to heal the most superficial wounds.