In all SpellForce games the main character is engaged in multiple battles.

Not only does he fight for himself or leads huge armies into battle but he also is surrounded by chosen companions. Said individuals are helping him in battle and do have a wider variabilty than regular troops.

See below which companions are available in each game.

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The most common companions are rune heroes that can be summoned through runes. There is hardly any communication between them. Occasionally the rune warrior is traveling together with temporary companions through the islands. Some of them will be listed here:

SpellForce 2

In each campaign the main character is accompanied by multiple different companions. See below which companion is available in each game.

Shadow Wars

See below the companions of the Soul Carrier in SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars.

Dragon Storm

See below the companions of the The Shaper Conqueress in SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm.

Faith in Destiny

See below the companions of the Zazhut Liberator in SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny.

Demons of the Past

See below the possible companions of the Zazhut Vanquisher in SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past.

SpellForce 3

See below the companions of Corporal Tahar in SpellForce 3. or see the main article here.

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