Creo was a human mentioned by Uram in SpellForce 3. Placeholder

Background information

When Uram told Corporal Tahar about his past, he explained that his mother had been a hard-working woman. She took almost every job in order to gain a few coins. But with the Mage Wars affecting Qalaia as well the prices for food and rent began to rise and she was not able to pay them anymore.

She went to Creo to ask for a loan which he then gave her. However Creo's rates of repaying the debth were insanely high and soon after, she was not able to come up with it anymore. Creo then forced Uram's mother into slave labor and prostitution in order to pay for her debts. When Uram tried to fight Creo, he was almost beaten to death.

Uram left the slums to join the Sandprowlers and did not see his mother or Creo for years. When he came back on his eighteenth birthday, he found out that his mother was dead due to a heart failure. Uram attempted to search for Creo but the loan-shark could not be found. Whether he had hidden, died or simply moved to another area remains unclear.

People like Creo are just the reality we have to deal with. I could have killed him, but what good would it have done? My mother was dead, and no amount of bloodshed and gut-tearing could have changed that.
Uram about Creo
in SpellForce 3