Author's Note This article is about the human scholar Darius Servil.
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Darius Servil was an old and wise scholar appearing in all three games of the first SpellForce series. His knowledge was extremely profound and he seemed to be informed about almost anything of relevance.

Background information

Long before the Battle of Fiara had started, Darius Servil had already been a wiseman. Even the most talented experts were searching for his advice.

No matter if it was about the ancient forms of magic or old mysteries like the race of the Fial Darg or even the shaper empire, Darius seemed to know about all about it.

Odd bird, if you ask me. Buries himself day and night in his foolish books as if there were nothing else in life, eh? Heh-heh-heh!
Bart Boggelsen about Darius

Battle of Fiara

After the Convocation had ended, Rohen Tahir established the Order of Dawn and attempted to rebuild Eo using a portal network. According to Sartarius, Darius Servil had been a trusted friend and ally of Rohen during that time and had provided him with valuable information.

Well, I surely know him better than most of those never-do-well Order members you work for. He often visited me on his travels and told me of distant lands.
— Darius about his friendship with Rohen

After the Phoenix Bearer had learned about the Dark One who seemed to be after Rohen's life, she headed to Liannon to talk to Darius about Rohen Tahir's whereabouts. However the circle mage had already departed for the Wildland Pass.

After Rohen's death the rune warrior returned together with the Book of the Convocation that she obtained from him. Darius Servil had been the one who once had written it. He explained his former beliefs and his experiences about the Convocation with the future Phoenix Bearer but he urged her to keep the book for the time being.

During a later event in the game, Sandor, who had scouted the area known as the Shadow Pass, became suspicious about three gravestones who were whispering weird noises. When the Phoenix Bearer investigated the matter together with the scholar Goran, they found out that the noises were made by the slaughtered children of Shin Tar Guar who had been sealed in a cave in the Shadow Pass. After he had been defeated, his book could be brought to Darius to have him translate it. However, he kept it since the wisdom inside the book was too sinister to be spread.

Aryn Crisis

Tiondria Darius

Darius in the city of Tirganach during the Aryn Crisis

During the Aryn Crisis the scholar could be found in the ice elves' city of Tirganach. He stated that he had to run from his former home because his brother had been hunting him. He seemed very concerned about that fact since his brother, according to him, is a good hunter.

The scholar had some issues though, since Flink McWinter had stolen from his possessions. A book of the old treasure hunter Farnhard was stolen by Flink and thus, the Shadow Warrior was asked to bring it back. The rune warrior did as he was asked and in return he obtained information from the scholar.

Rebirth of the Circle

Fifteen years after the Convocation had ended, Darius Servil was investigating an entirely different matter. The corpses of the former circle mages were being dug out and stolen by an unknown individual. He asked the Phoenix Bearer to the Blackwater Coast but by the time she arrived, he had already moved on to Empyria.

The rune warrior foumd a writing to meet with him with the Dryad of the Life Tree. However by the time the rune warrior got there, Darius had moved on yet again. The dryad revealed that Darius was investigating Hokan Ashir and his plan to bind the circle to his will.

To find out about Darius Servil's motivation and the secrets behind the disappearing circle mages, the rune warrior moved after the scholar. In Kathai it was revealed that Darius was not a mere mortal but instead the physical body of the god Ereon.


Darius as he was hold imprisoned by Hokan Ashir

He had been lured into the Black Jungle by Hokan Ashir. Due to Zarach's curse placed on the jungle the power of the gods was sealed once Darius had entered the forest. The circle necromancer used the Life Essence to revive the circle mages as his own servants. The rune warrior entered the Black Jungle and was able to conquer the Bone Temple to free Darius from Hokan Ashir's imprisonment.

After the Rune Wars

Because Darius had sacrificed much during the Rune Wars he was forgiven by the other guardian gods for intervening with the mortal affairs. He abandoned his mortal body and returned back to the divine pantheon and again became the god of wisdom, Ereon. During that time he had still influenced many mortals but never as directly as he did with Rohen Tahir.

Quest involvement

Darius Servil was involved in several quests.

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