Eo is the world of SpellForce. It consists of 5 continents, Fiara, Urgath, Xu, Godeland, Inenland, and hundreds of small islands, all of which are separated by 3 seas, the White Sea, Sea of Dreams and The Timeless Sea.


In its present state Eo looks nothing like it's shown on the maps. After the Convocation, the primal elements destroyed Eo and changed its appearance into numerous islands divided by the Sea of the Elements which are all connected via portals created by Rohen Tahir after the tragic event had happened.


Eo is inhabited by all the races in the world of SpellForce, here's a list of all the past and present inhabitants:


Eo is a world rich with resources, both of magical nature and common origin. Here is a list of all the resources on Eo:

Unofficial Fan World Map

This fan made world map is an attempt to blend geographical information from all the sources available without showing the continents of Godeland and Inenland. In particular, it should be noted that the continent east of Xu is the result of pure speculation.

The map is incomplete and will be update.

Eo World Map

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