Some items are not just powerful artefacts on their own. Instead they will provide additional bonuses when being worn with other items of the same set. Set items are usually weaker than artefacts of the same level as those are strong on their own. See below for the sets appearing in different SpellForce games.

SpellForce series

In the first SpellForce series those equipment sets will always have three items in it. All three items must be worn to unlock the special set effect. Wearing only one or only two items of a set will prove no additional effect.
Note that in addition to the explicitly stated effect, all 3 pieces worn together also grant 25% bonus to total armor provided by the items of the set, unless this is one of runic sets (such as Runemagic set), in which case explicit 50% bonus is the only bonus to armor.
3 pieces together also increase attribute bonuses granted by every particular set item by 25%, rounded down. E.g., items from Ereon's Knowledge give you a total of 69 Wisdom + bonus 16 Wisdom (not 69/4=17) as a result of the ring's additional 7/4=1 + the orb's additional 20/4=5 + the robe's additional 42/4=10. Runic sets are, again, an exception.

SpellForce: The Order of Dawns

There are no sets available during this game.

SpellForce: The Breath of Winter

SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix

SpellForce 2 series

In the second SpellForce series all sets will have a varying number of items in a set ranging from two to five items. There are multiple effects in each set that are unlocked step-by-step depending on the number of set items worn simultaneously. If wearing three parts of a five-part set, the effects 2 and 3 will be unlocked but 4 and 5 will remain locked. Generally the more sets items, the stronger the benefits get.

SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars

SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm

There are a number of Item Sets available throughout Dragon Storm, all of which - to my knowledge at least - are end-game sets. They are rewards for completing often long, difficult questlines.

In addition to the campaign in the free game mode of Dragon Storm and Faith in Destiny, The Arena quest was added, by completing which through you can get 10 sets of armor for level 24.

List of The Arena Quest sets:

  • Armor of the Red Hunt (Heavy Combat Arts)
  • Bladedancer (Combat)
  • Lightwoven Chains (Chain Mail Armor)
  • Steel of Eternity (Heavy Armor)
  • The Creation (White Magic)
  • The Eternal Night (Black Magic)
  • The Ethernal Warrior (Plate Armor)
  • The Primal Forces (Elemental Magic)
  • The Whispers of Time (Mental Magic)
  • Windarcher Armor (Combat)


Rewards for Caine's Quest Chain: Contrary to what I have seen reported elsewhere your choices over the course of Caine's quests DO matter as they determine which armour set you are given at the end of the quest. REMEMBER: Pick up the non-tradable items dropped by the people Caine was sent to judge. You must have all three items in your inventory for him to acknowledge that you have completed all of the quests and provide you with the armour.

Chainmail of Mercy - Spare all three of Caine's targets. This set uses the Dawn armour appearance used by NPCs of the Order of Dawn.

Vestments of the Just - Kill two of Caine's targets and spare the third. Uses the heavy Shaikan armour appearance.

Armor of the HighExecutor [sic] - Have Caine execute all three of his targets. Uses the appearance of the unique set Caine is wearing when you first meet him.


Reward for Whisper's Quest Chain

Following Whisper's personal questline to its conclusion will award you with a set of Dual Wield Blades for Whisper to use.

Revenge - An item set made up of Dual Wield Blades. This is the reward for completing Whisper's personal side quest which finishes at the grave in Dragh'lur.

Anger Any Hand. Required level 20 Required skill: Dual Wield Blade Health Points 240 Mana 240 Damage 353-655 every 1.4s Hit Probability: 13% on Flash - Causes 480 damage Hunter's Instinct - +20% Damage to Animals

Wrath Any Hand. Required level 20 Required skill: Dual Wield Blade Health Points 292 Mana 181 Damage 359-657 every 1.4s Hit Probability: 15% on Shock - Causes an average of 720 mental damage, depending on the maximum Mana supply of the target. Purifying - +20% Damage to Beasts

Set Bonus: (2) Armor Breaker - Attacks ignore 20% of the enemy's armor


SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny

SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past

Guardian Element Set.

The location of all ten items required for the set is the following:

- Zarach's Bloodcleaver: Plains of Argan. Gift from Zarach himself.

- Hirin's Harbringer: The Depths of Kul'rath. In a guarded chest hidden in some kind of smoke/mist in a valley west of the enemy drakes you have to defeat.

- Elen's Singing Bowstring: The Stepping Stones. In her island, inside a small chest hidden in some bushes left hand side if you go from spider to statue. Use first-person camera to find it

- Zerbo's Spray and Pray: Shadow Realm. Inside a chest behind some buildings near the second travel stone.

- Nor's Moonshadow: Icewastes of Shalibar. At the south-east corner of map, inside a chest (need a flying unit to obtain it)

- Niethalf's Bonecrusher: Westguard. Chest north of the circle of stones up the eastern mountains (where you can find Darc, the dog in according side quest).

- Ereon's Brainstorm: The Citadel. Chest near the portal behind the northern Archon base.

- Shanna's Painkiller: Remains of Steelcoast. Inside a chest to the north of the dinosaur's location (can only be obtained with a flying unit)

- Kerona's Web of Time: Plains of Argan. Sold by Shaikan Merchant (Shaikan base)

- Tiara's Rising Sun: Realm of the Gods. Chest in a triangle shaped room west of Twiddle's blue crystal.

SpellForce 3

There are no sets available during this game.

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