In the beginning there was only chaos - life an death were terms that were not able to be used. There was nothing and everything at the same time and without stability. But then suddenly a being came to existance that was stable and that one was Aonir. The first living being was wielding immense power and he was starting to shaper his surrounding to his liking. He tamed the primal elements and brought stability. He created the starry sky, the planets and the sun itself and finally he created the world known as Eo.
— About the creation of the world

The birth of the gods

But the world was boring and Aonir felt lonely and thus he created companions that were sharing a glimpse of his divine power: The Gods were born. They were tasked in governing the universe that he had created from chaos.

The mortal races were protected and directed by the gods and the All-Father was able to get some rest. The mortals were honoring the gods with their prayers and the gods gladly accepted them.

Guardians and Renegates

A long time the gods and the mortal races lived in peace. The gods were honoring Aonir's will and the mortal races were able to establish themselves as large tribes or even empires on Eo. However Ulm the Caretaker felt lonely even among all the gods and mortals around them because he had no one that looked up to him. Tiara had the humans, Elen had the elves and Niethalf had the dwarves but Ulm had no race that were honoring him.

He broke with Aonir's taboo and began to use his divine power to create life by imitating the others' work. The orcs and the trolls were born and although they were crude creatures with an immense aggression, Ulm cared for them like a father would for his children. As a present for Nor who felt similarly he created the dark elves by twisting the original elven race to fit Nor's personality better. Ulm then forfeited his old name and began calling himself Zarach the Growing. He created the Black Jungle in southern Xu and began working on his masterpiece: The Fial Darg.

The ships of the Black Legion were the first ones to land in Fiara. Like straw before scythe the light worshippers fell under the axes of the legion. Their swords could not get through the legion's armors

The creation of the dark races was unprecedented in the history of Eo and at first the gods were not sure how to react. Aonir had gone long ago to travel the universe that he had created. But for having broken the taboo of creating new races, Zarach and Nor were apprehended by their brothers and sisters and were blamed for having tainted Aonir's creation. They were imprisoned by divine spells and from there one they were called Renegates.

As a result the dark races rebelled against the guardian gods, united themselves to form the Black Legion and began attacking the original races during the War of the Six Races. They nearly exterminated the original races until the gods descended at the battle of the Godwall and obliterated the Black Legion. The Fial Darg were imprisoned and the Iron Falcons were founded to seal them for all eternity. The light races once again prospered under the Guardians' rule who still believed in Aonir but the dark races bore a grudge against them for having locked up their masters. Ever since they were trying to free them but until now, no attempt was successful.

The gods of Eo

See below a list of all known gods.


The first god and probably the most powerful one. He goes by many names such as The All-Father, the Lightbringer, the Tamer of the Elements but also as The Watching Eye. The whole universe was created by him but there are some objects around the world which are known to be made by him with extreme care such as the Godstones or the Eye of Aonir.


Just like nature itself Elen was bearing many different faces at the same time. She could be calm like a frozen lake, sometimes raging like a howling tempest but she could also be caring like a mother. Thus she was carrying many different names such as The Lonely One, the Lady of Rain, the Singer and the Singer of the Forest. While many races were honoring her, Elen is the main goddess of the elven race and their patron.


Nothing that would happen would go unnoticed to the eyes of Ereon the Scribe. As Aonir had told him, Ereon was supposed to memorize everything and then tell Aonir about it once time itself would come to an end. Knowledge, education, medicine and the mastery of magic were traits associated with the Scribe. One other important trait was his neutrality and thus Ereon is also the god of justice who judges everyone equally fair no matter who.


Everything that lives has to die. This important rule was once created by Aonir when he brought stability to Eo. Hirin was the one who had to keep track of the deceased to make sure, that they would make it into the life beyond. He was called the Soul Carrier or Dream Messenger because of his great importance in caring about the deceased ones. Others would call Hirin by other names such as The Rider, The Falcon or the the Black Horse. This is referring to another trait of the god: His freedom. Unlike the other gods, he loved to roam the world created by Aonir.


Time should always move forward, never stand still and never go back. Before the term time itself was formed, the nothingness was timeless. There was not before or after, only the present. When Aonir tamed the chaos and forged the world, he also created the construct of time and left Kerona behind to take care of it. When the great demon Zazhut arose, Kerona attempted to self-sacrifice herself to stop the Nameless but was stopped by her fellow gods to stop time from breaking.


Standing sturdy against all hardships of life, going onwards against the unwanted difficulties and overcoming them was Niethalf's way of living. The World Smith was responsible for shaping the hearts of the people, making them stronger and able to overcome their hardships. Since the mortals were created incomplete, their lust for fighting was also immense. As the God of War he also had to observe the killing caused by his underlings. However he made sure that no fight would cause more harm then necessary. This earned him the spot as the main god of the dwarven race. They honored Niethalf for his principles and aimed to follow him forever.


The day was the time of light and many races loved it for being bright and full of life. The night was feared though because of its coldness, its silent and mysterious aura. However many were forgetting that Nor was responsible for the sleep that would restore strength to the fatigued. Being the god of night, Nor's role was a bit ungrateful, as he was misunderstood first. He was called the Cold Eye or Silver Weaver and the light races feared him for being an entity that could watch them in every aspect of their lives. When Zarach created the dark elves, he finally was happy to have found a race that looked up to him. The dark elves called themselves Norcaine - the race of Nor - to express their devotion to the god of night.


Living is pain, living is joy and everything between it. Being the goddess of the common folk across all light races, Shanna's role is not always clear. The Gentle Hand, the Mother or the Good-natured One are names often given to her. Because she was looking after the hard-working ones who were contributing to their races' business, she was often considered as one of the gods who were more close with the mortals than others.


When Aonir had created the universe he brought light into the nothingness. Stars and stuns were created to enlighten the world. Vitality, passion, hope and fire were traits often associated with Tiara as she was tasked by Aonir to take care of the light itself. Being named The Heavenly Guardian, the Dancer or the Radiant One, she is often considered the most powerful god after Aonir himself and is revered by the humans in particular.


Nothing that exists would last forever and everything that does, should grow to prosper. Ulm's task given by Aonir was a rather delicate one as he was responsible not only for one race or one aspect of the All-Father's creation but instead for it as a whole. Only by keeping up the variety of the races, Ulm was able to allow growth in Eo. Races could develop and could establish their own ways of thoughts. However most would consider The Welfare Worker or The Multicoloured as a minor god only since they were underestimating Ulm's importance.


Being discontent with the mortal races and his siblings who were not only disregarding his work, but instead ridiculing him, Ulm's psyche started to change early on. Instead of keeping a the world in a stable state by maintaining stabiliy, he wanted to innovate what Aonir's had started. He even broke the taboo of creating new races on his own and when orcs, trolls, dark elves and finally the Fial Darg had come to life, Ulm gave up on his old name and began calling himself Zarach the Growing. This name was showing that he had outlived his old self to became something even greater ... although the other gods did not see it that way.


Mortal affairs were never truly righteous and those who claim to be totally honest are often the biggest liars. Taking care of those was Zerbo's duty as he loved the mortals for their incompletedness. Music, entertainment or just fooling around were as much important as the art of deceiving, stealing and cunningness. The Fiddler was soon called out by many, was the god of the ones that the other gods were not daring to interact with and he was good at it.

Minor gods

There are a few beings that seem to be similar to the original gods. However they have never been officially considered as part of the divine pantheon.

Aonir’s Sacrifice

And so Aonir, the Wanderer, descended onto Eo after weaving the bane and forming the face of the earth out of the elements. There he planted the Seed of Life, the most valuable of all his assets. When he was finished, he lingered there. Weakened and fatigue, he wished to return home to the distant shores he had once set off from. However, the concern for his new creation would not cease from his mind.

Therefore he sent his light out across the Star Sea and called for his children. They soon hurried across the Eternal Abyss to stand by his side, and he spoke: “See my creation. I have formed a fertile terrain out of this once broken world. And the Seed of Life will soon bloom. However, I cannot dwell here to tend to my creation. Therefore I have called you to fulfill this duty.” “Father,” his children replied, “the powers you have banned are merely asleep. Even if we unified our powers, we would never be as mighty as you are. How will we be able to face all the dangers to come?” “No worries!”, the Wanderer answered. “As long as the shine of my light can be seen glowing from the distant shores of our homestead, my powers and the bane will be in effect. I shed my blood to make this world a part of me, like many others before.” With these words Aonir forged a blade of sharp stone and jabbed it into his body. Many drops of his blood fell onto the face of Eo. Wherever a drop touched the land, they turned into purest crystal and the Godstones were formed.

Exhausted, the Wanderer spoke to his children: “From now on my power shall guide you. Though there are yet many challenges awaiting you.

Tiara, eldest of my children, your home shall be the Disc of the Sun. And as you dance among the flames, you will offer life here the necessary light and warmth it requires to survive. May you never tire, Tiara.

Nor, my son, you shall receive the Disc of the Moon as your reign. Watch over the nights and the creature’s sleep once Tiara has moved on. Your light will shine cold, but it will be a welcome sign for the creatures of the night.

Daughter Elen, wander through the country and guard the forces of life. Watch over the treasures of nature, the plants and the creatures of the forests. Give them the water they so urgently need to survive and be their friend and protector.

Ulm, you shall be the Keeper of Diversity and Change. Nothing shall last forever and change shall determine the face of this world. May your powers give the flowers their colors and the creatures their variety.

Niethalf, your might shall form them and strengthen them. You will give them the power they need to survive. As we know, this world will not be without dangers. In the depths of the earth I want you to forge their souls, giving them courage and truthfulness; willpower and strength.

However, you will also encounter those who are weak or double-minded, the ones who do not pursue their lives based on the truth. They too, shall have an advocate, and that shall be you, Zerbo. Your deceitfulness and finesse shall offer them assistance and provide an example. Shanna, my daughter, you will pass graciousness and blandness on to this world. In the homes and families, your soft hand shall guide their way. Show them the joy of life, of work and of being together.

Hirin, you will be the Harbinger, the one to bring good and bad. You shall accompany the souls of the dying to the Halls of Death and guide those born into life. Sleep, death and dreams, but also happiness and health will be the goods you trade. May they fear you and love you at the same time.

And at last you, Ereon. You will be the Keeper of their Knowledge. Science, research and magic shall provide a better future for the races. You shall take down all their knowledge and legislations in a book, so that I may learn the story of my creation when the end of time arrives.

Now set off and fulfill these duties until the end of this world has come. In return, every creature shall render homage to you in thankfulness and loyalty, as you are their guardians and their preservers. Yet keep in mind: my creation is immaculate; it is the beginning and the end, the present and the future. The Seed of Life shall sprout and grow, as I have created it. Watch over it, for every life is unique.” And with that the Stargod Aonir quit speaking and left Eo to return to the shores of his homeland. From there his light shines protective over his children as they now protect us. Nonetheless, they shall never interfere in our history and never shall they join forces with the creatures of Eo, nor shall they accept them as friends. These are the Rules of Aonir and they apply to the gods as well as the creatures.

Aonir's sacrifice and his instructions to the guardians

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