The Greataxe of the Chieftain is an unique artefact dagger in SpellForce 3.

It can be reforged by Isgrimm from parts in Mulandir. The artefact was split into bottom of the head, top of the head, haft and knob which could be found at various places.


A greataxe crafted for the founder of the Dustcrawler tribe, the mighty Xul'Nar. Orcs believe that the greataxe could only be reforged by a chieftain that united all Orcish tribes under one banner. The fact that the weapon is whole again disproves the legend but it certainly doesn't undermine its might.


See below where to find the parts of the artefact.

Bottom of the Head (Farlorn's Hope)

Northeast of the Ashreaver camp.
GreataxeOfTheChieftain BottomOfTheHead

Top of the Head (Aonir's Blade)

North of the summoning circle during the 2nd visit.
GreataxeOfTheChieftain TopOfTheHead

Haft (Iskander Wilds)

Inside the river valley to the west.
GreataxeOfTheChieftain Hilt
(Better screenshot of the exact location.)

Knob (Unknown Island)

At a corpse on the western beach.

Tips and Tricks

  • The magic damage can either be white, black, fire and ice damage but it also varies in strength considerably. It might be just weak and just deal single-digits amount of bonus damage but it can also deal massive damage. This makes the axe extremely random to play with.
  • To compensate the axe's slow speed, you'll probably need to use Hastened to improve its utility in actual fighting.
  • To get Greataxe of the Chieftain - Haft, you need to interact with the corpse from the cliff above it.