The Guardians' Grace is an unique artefact chestpiece armor in SpellForce 3.

There are several shrines for the dedicated to some unholy power in the Glittering Mines of Everlight, in Leafshade and in Old Haalâyash.

Visiting each of them and turning the pillars correctly would summon the boss Shadow of Barga Gor. He would drop the armor once defeated.


The power of resurrection has always been coveted by the denizens of Eo. And while no one has discovered the secret to life eternal, the Guardians' Grace is probably the one artefact that comes closest to that dream. Like everything else on Eo, the power of resurrection comes at a steep price. The wearer can only be brought back if his blood is spilled on the battlefield.

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  • Message in a Bottle
    A writing that could be found in Everlight.
    Supposedly it is telling the story of the previous owner of the Guardians' Grace.


See below where to find the shrines.

Everlight - Glittering Mines

Turn the pillar to the west.
BargaGorShrine Everlight.jpg


Turn the pillar to the north.
BargaGorShrine Leafshade.jpg

Old Haalâyash

Turn the pillar to the west.
BargaGorShrine Haalayash.jpg

Tips and Tricks

This armor does not make your character invincible. There is a cooldown on the reviving effect of like 10-20 seconds before you're reborn on death again. This effect is not shown in the game. Thus be careful and only use this armor as a safeguard.

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