The dwarf Isgrimm not only is able to craft artefacts from broken pieces in Mulandir, but also can upgrade his very own armor with rare materials found in Nortander's secret passageways. To upgrade Isgrimm's armor, the Corporal has to bring the dwarf the required parts for each armor.

Isgrimm would also state which materials would be needed when being asked.
This would start the side-quest The Windwall Way.

Armors and their requirements

#Windwall Armor

    • Requires nothing as it is the starter armor
  1. Well-made Windwall Armor
    • Slab of Titanite
    • Dwarven Outer Armor Plating
  2. Reinforced Windwall Armor
    • Dwarven Plate Mail
    • Reinforced Adamantinum
    • Reinforced Dwarven Shoulder Pads
  3. Mastercrafted Windwall Armor & Mastercrafted Windwall Helmet
    • Dwarven Skull Padding
    • Slab of Moonsilver
    • Dwarven Inner Armor Plating
    • Empyrian Leather Shoulder Pads

Locations of the pieces

See below where to find each piece of armor.

Slab of Titanite

SlabOfTitaniteMulandir.jpg Mulandir - Nexus

Northwestern room in a chest

SlabOfTitanite MulandirOffice.jpg Mulandir - Nexus

Northern wall of the northeastern room

SlabOfTitanite AonirsBlade.jpg Aonir's Blade

East of the fortress inside a quarry

Dwarven Outer Armor Plating

DwarvenOuterArmorPlating.jpg Mulandir - Nexus

In the room to the east close to Yria's position.

Dwarven Plate Mail

DiscardedDwarvenPlateMail.jpg The Eye during 2nd visit

Can be found in a sack next to the deserter to the east of the map.

Reinforced Adamantinum

ReinforcedAdamantinumSlab.jpg The Eye during 1st visit

Drops from an undead close to the godstone inside the laboratory.

The Eye during 1st visit

In a chest in a room to the center-south of the laboratory.

Reinforced Dwarven Shoulder Pads

ReinforcedDwarvenShoulderPads.jpg The Eye during 1st visit

Southeastern corner of the laboratory

The Eye during 1st visit

In a satchel in the long corridor with the singing, in the laboratory

DwarvenShoulderPadsTheEyeOutside.jpg The Eye during 2nd visit

Middle-west of the swamplands next to some ruins

Dwarven Skull Padding

DwarvenSkullPadding.jpg Windwall Foothills

North of the fortress to the southwest with the undead bandits. You will need to rotate the camera slightly to see it.

Slab of Moonsilver

SlabOfDwarvenMoonsilver.jpg Scorching Desert: Oasis

In the southeast next to the mountains on a small passageway.

Dwarven Inner Armor Plating

DwarvenInnerArmorPlating.jpg Windwall Foothills

In a chest east of the eastern quarry next to Tristam.

Empyrian Leather Shoulder Pads

EmpyrianLeatherShoulderPads.jpg Aonir's Blade during 2nd visit

Can be found in a chest in the fortress.

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