Liannon is a small countryside in Nortander within a mild and fertile lowlands area. It belongs to the royal house of Leonidar of the royal court.

SpellForce: The Order of Dawn

After the Convocation had shattered the continents of Eo into small islands divided by the elemental sea, Liannon was the only island left under the control of house Leonidar.

On the island there was a small village with several inhabitants such as Darius Servil, Celen Fell and Shan Muir. Outside the village there were lots of animals and wildlife to be found.

The island itself once had been a peaceful place but when the goblins of Brannigan's Black Fist had invaded the countryside, goblins such as Snarf, Klingzog and Burgle had started to terrorize the locals.

But even without the invaders there still were some enemies remaining such as strange ghosts who - according to rumors - were seen lately around the old Liannon mines.

Connection to other islands

Liannon is a crossroad between different islands:

  • Greyfell, at the southern portal
  • Eloni, at the northwestern portal
  • Shiel, at the southeastern portal


Despite being a small island Liannon is the home of many interesting characters such as:


Some local troublemakers are hostile towards the rune warrior and the villagers of Liannon such as:


Liannon is definitely not rich in iron or stone but its fertile soils are like gold for lush vegetation. There are many trees for building and fruits for eating. The forests are filled with animals and the calm river flowing through Liannon is full of fish. But since there is no rune monument to create rune armies those resources are just for decoration.

Quest involvement

SpellForce 3

After Angar Arandir and Sentenza Noria had informed the Corporal about the Bloodburn plague that was holding the kingdom of Nortander in its grip, there were information spreaded that there had been an outbreak in Liannon as well. Sentenza Noria, Anselm, Bertrand Carpel and the Corporal were dispatched there in order to investigate the area.

The countryside of Liannon was lush and filled with life although there had been some signs of the recent outbreak. Occasionally corpses with blisters were lying around and indicating the Bloodburn infection.

The village of Liannon was found under quarantine by the elves of the Morhir led by Scryer Eleon who had erected palisades and gateways in order to keep the ill people inside. However some were able to flee and had escaped to an abandoned old castle to the southwest.

The surroundings were filled with lots of wood, stone and iron resource deposits and thus the Corporal was quickly able to recruit and arm his fighters in order to fight the elves. However the land was still wild and lots of hostile creatures such as wolves, bears and spiders were lurking for unsuspecting adventurers.


There are some noteable marks within the landscape of Liannon, that should be visited in order to get a good impression of the location.

The Village

Many wooden shacks and some gardens and plants were within the village. The human villagers were living their lives there until the Morhir elves put them under quarantine. There was a central plaza with some tables proposely made for a village-wide feast. On a small hill to the north a huge building was standing probably made for the head of the village.

Old castle ruins

To the southeast of the village some old ruins were standing. After the ruins were empty for a long time, it then was inhabitated by lots of human refugees after the Morhir elves had established the quarantine around the village. Mother Calia and some other human settlers were hiding there from the elves.

Shrine for the Fallen

Directly next to the lake of Liannon there was a small shrine dedicated to both the god of death, Hirin, as well as the deceased of the Mage Wars. The Corporal could pay his respects there in order to get access to the artefact Impervious Protector.


Quest involvement