Magic is one of the foundations of the world of Eo. It is like an omnipresent energy that exists in the forces of nature, in life and in death, but also in the power of the gods. Magic is inseperably entwined with all Eo’s creatures and destinies. It is the source of many wonders, but also untold dangers.


There are many ways of performing magic; it can be contained in items, appear as a natural skill of certain creatures, or be learned through a spell. Spells are a way of containing magic, making it learnable and more easily controlled. A spell is a predetermined, magic formula that has been researched and written down by the old masters of the magic arts.

Spells are how a character can effect magic and learn new applications of the magic arts. In SpellForce, there exist many spells, which can often be found on scrolls. If your character has the requisite magic knowledge to comprehend the spell, he can transfer it to his Spellbook and use it at any time. To understand and master spells, the character collects knowledge in the different schools of magic.

The Archfire

This force is the very essence of Eo's magic and a power only the Godfather Aonir can tame. Compared to regular magic the Archfire contains extremely increased potential but also has serious side effects since it can alter the very fabric of this world and lots of chaos could be created if no treated carefully.

See the main article Archfire for further information.


The Magicians or Mages are people who are able to use the latent powers of magic in their bodies to cast spells or to use the powers to create magical items and objects. Some races such the Shapers or the elves possess a stronger link to magic than others such as trolls or goblins.


Circle Rohen

Rohen Tahir, one of the circle, that caused the Convocation

The circle was an organization founded by the Queen after the events of the Bloodburn crisis that took place in Nortander 518 years before the Convocation. Its purpose was to gather the 13 most powerful mages on Eo to preserve piece and prosperity throughout the land, their members called themselves Circle Mages. They were able to preserve the peace between the races and research Magic for the well being of everyone and even discovered the power of the Archfire, which they used to accomplish this purpose.

See the main artcile The Circle for further information.

Shaper Empire

The Shapers are the most noteable people that had been able to use magic and even the Archfire, which they called by the name 'the Essence'. They were able to establish a huge empire that covered the entire world through the help of their magic. However they became arrogant and attempted to enslave the other races and thus were attacked and finally obliterated by the Great Dragons.

See the main article Shapers for further information.

Magic Influences

Like stated before, magic could be use in several kind of ways. Some races are deeply connected with magic, some objects would not even exist without it and some noteable individuals would not be known if it were not for magic. See below some of the influences of magic.


See below a list of all magic-dependant peoples.

  • Undead
    Corpses of the dead revived through magic
  • Demons
    Beings from beyond this world summoned through magic
  • Elementals
    Beings made from magic power itself
  • Dragons
    Ancient lizard-beasts empowered my the magic as life force
  • Shaikan
    An artificial people created by Janus Malacay's experiments with magic.
  • Gods
    The keepers left behind by Aonir capable of unleashing extreme magic


  • Portals

    A portal created by the usage of magic power.

    A creation of the circle mage Rohen Tahir connecting the islands through magic
  • Rune Monuments
    Rune magic-enhanced building that's capable of summoning rune warriors
  • Phoenix Stone
    A magical prison for the Phoenix which was created by the Circle
  • Shadowblade
    Shadows forged this strange blade that seems to be altering the magic around it

Noteable Individuals / Creatures

  • The Phoenix
    Phoenix 1

    The Phoenix is one of the primordial beings of Eo made from Archfire magic

    One of the primordial beasts of the world with neither a beginning nor end
  • Rohen Tahir
    A circle mage and the leader of the Order of Dawn
  • Janus Malacay
    Alchemist of the Hyboric Empire and founder of the Shaikan people
  • Sorvina
    Leader of the Dark Elves and founder of the Pact with the Shadows.
  • Andra
    One of the Shapers found by Isamo Tahar and mother of the Corporal

Useable Magic in the games

Magic can be used by the avatar and companions in the different spellforce games. In general they are used as abilities in the games and these could be obtained by fulfilling certain requisitions.


See the main article Stats and Abilities in SpellForce for further information.

SpellForce 2

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SpellForce 3

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