The Master of Life and Death is an unique artefact dagger in SpellForce 3. It can be reforged by Isgrimm from parts in Mulandir. The artefact was split into blade, knob and hilt which could be found at various places.


The Qualaians have mastered the art of taking life to perfection. This dagger is probably the greatest testament to this mastery. If we were to list all the Eonian royalty and noblemen that met their demise thanks to the Master, it would fill several lengthy tomes. Lucky is the assassin who wields the Master of Life and Death.


See below where to find the parts of the artefact.

Blade (Unknown Island)

MasterOfLifeAndDeath Blade.jpg

Hilt (Mulandir)


Knob (Windwall Foothills)

MasterOfLifeAndDeath Knob.jpg

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