The Order of Dawn is an organisation founded by the Circle Mage Rohen.

Background information

This organisation was brought to existence because Rohen Tahir desired to reconnect  Eo that had been shattered due to the Convocation cataclysm. Through the order Rohen taught the survivors of the Convocation the skills to endure hardship as all parts of the fertile land are only small fragment of islands. He then build portals to connect these island because the Sea of Elements was not passable by common means.

Though being an open-minded and generous organisation, not all members of the Order of Dawn follow the path of truth. Some dwell within the darkness and seek glory, power as well as gold by serving the evil forces.

SpellForce: The Order of Dawn

During the Battle of Fiara, most of the Order had been destroyed in the brutal battles with the Blades of the Dark One. However Urias survived the slaughtering through the help of the Norcaine Craig Un'Shallach after the Order of Dawn broke through the Blades' blockade in the Frost Marshes.

After the Battle of Fiara had come to an end Urias then announced to the rune warrior, he was going to rebuild the Order of Dawn since the world needs it now more than ever.

SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix

In Xu Urias helped the free people of Kathai as well as the future empress Alyah Arias to defeat Hokan Ashir and the reborn Circle. Urias gave his life in the process to protect Alyah. After she took over the throne, she felt guilt and also because she had taken a liking to Urias' character and believes, Alyah declared that the Order of Dawn will have a embassy within Empyria, the capital of Xu.

Noteable members

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First SpellForce series

Second SpellForce series

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