Rune Heroes are rune warriors available for the protagonist to be summoned at a hero monument.

They do possess fixed stats similar to the Phoenix Bearer or Shadow Warrior, but they level is not changeable and their abilities are not changeable as well.  Rune Heroes need to be equipped with items and armors just like protagonist to maximize their potential.

Types of Rune Heroes

There are different kind of heroes depending on their skill set, e.g. Priests are White Mages, Warriors are trained in Heavy Combat Arts and so on. Depending on the most proficient skill available the hero rune stone is shown slightly different.

List of Rune Heroes

Now following is a list of all rune heroes appearding in the games of the first SpellForce series.

Author's Notes

  1. If a hero has (OoD), (BoW) or (SotP) behind its name, that marks the game, in which the rune of said hero could be aquired. Some heroes do have more than one drop location.
  2. The attributes are shortened to make the table small and readable. They are from left to right: Strength, Agility, Dexterity, Stamina, Intelligence, Willpower and Charisma.
  3. If a character has additional effects that are not fitting the normal attribute schematics they are written under the row "Special", e.g. Ump having reduced attack and running speed or Dunhan having increased ice resistances.


The following rune heroes are entirely or mostly using Light Combat Arts.


The following heroes mostly use Ranged Combat Arts.


The following heroes mostly use Heavy Combat Arts.


These rune heroes mostly use Elemental Magic abilities.


These rune heroes mostly use White Magic abilities.

Warlocks / Witches

These rune heroes mostly use Black Magic abilities.


These rune heroes mostly use Mind Magic abilities.

Special Heroes

There are some heroes who do not fit the above schematics. These will be listed here.


See below how the non-human rune stones look like.


This information of this article was taken from the german site Rohen's Enzyklopädie.