The home of Master Matricus, former member of the Order of Dawn.


The land was formerly owned by the Grey family, but they have given it away.


  • Cannoch- Far to the south-east
  • Lyraine- A fortified village with a fortress of the Order



  • Portal to Norimar (south-west)
  • Lyraine Castle (west)
  • Defense Camp of the Order (center / Lyraine)
  • Connach (south-east)
  • Northeast

Quests & Strategies

Nightsong and the message for the King

Rescue for Lyraine
The town of Lyraine in Rushwater Downs is besieged by the clans and urgently needs the supplies carried by the supply unit that is send to them from Norimar. Break through the ring of the besiegers and create a safe corridor for the supply unit.
Once you move the convoy goes en-route en will continue at a steady pace. Fight through the groups of orc unitsfast to clear their way. Using Nightsong and Bor as tanks may keep the few weak units you get at the start alive and fighting longer, but expect to loose them. Be especially carefull when taking out the group near the bridge, the level 6 orc boss and his Devastators can be fatal.
Master Matricus
The baron of Norimar has suggested you speak with Master Matricus of the Order of Dawn as he believes they should be informed of the Pact's attack and the danger of the Shadows. Master Matricus resides in the Castle of Lyraine, just west of the town.
Against the Iron Storm
The Iron Storm clan has come from the Gate of Swords and set up camp northeast of Lyraine. From there they threaten the town of Lyraine and the village of Connach, and thus also the life of Master Matricus.
Defend Lyraine
Take command of the defense camp near the river, defend the town of Lyrain against the attacks from the orcs and protect Master Matricus life.
The camp lies between Lyraine and the west-bank of the river, with a pre-build headquarters, some farms and towers and stone, silver and leny nearby. Marauding orc forces cross the river using the bridge north-east from the camp and a ford east of the camp. Most of these groups will attack the camp but some may attempt to attack Lyraine or cross the bridge towards the south. A few towers near the bridge, two heroes and the small group you receive with your command should be able to close down this path. Remaining resources can be spend on building towers and an army to protect the base from attacks from the east.
A third point of attack is Connach which is assailed by orcs attempting to free their shaman Osal coming from a pass to the northeast. It can be defended by two heroes and a handfull of units, or a couple of towers and 10-12 units.
The end of the attacks
To prevent any further attacks on Lyraine the Iron Storm clan must be driven away from Rushwater Downs. Destroy the clan's camp so that the Realm troops can install an effective blockade at the portal to the clan lands.
Once the initial assaults have been thwarted the main defensive force can now be used for the offense. Join them with the Shaikan, cross the ford and turn north, destroying every camp and group on the path to the south gate of the large orc camp. Momentarily stop the advance near the journeystone to take down the camp near the bridge and join the defensive forces from the bridge and Connach with the main army before demolishing the Iron Storm camp.
Return to Matricus
Finally the Iron Storm clan has been driven away and you have time speak with Master Matricus.
The old Order Stronghold
To the north of Lyraine lie the ruins of an old stronghold of the Order of Dawn. Rohen stayed there often and instructed mages of the Order. Find the ruins and search them.
The Portal Stone
Some portals are loosing their strenght, some have even stopped functioning alltogether. Search the ruins of the Old Order Stronghold for a Portal Stone with which dysfunctional portals can be reactivated.
To Sevenkeeps
Now that your job in Rushwater Downs is succesfully completed you can travel to Sevenkeeps through the portal northwest of Lyraine.

Side Quests

The Wards
Two young warriors that were in training with Master Uland have fled the castle shortly before the attack on the castle. The went west and disappeared behind the lines of the undead. If they are alive, their father in Rushwater would be very pleased with news from them.
Inform Alwin
The merchant Alwin in Rushwater Downs is the father of Rolf and Inga, he will be pleased to learn that they are alive and well. Take the message to Alwin in Lyraine once the hostilities are over.
The captured orc shaman Osal, who is held in Connach, is powerful and important to the clan. The attack on Rushwater Downs seems to have his liberation as goal. The siege of Lyraine has tied most defenders to Lyraine, leaving Connach only lightly defended. Prevent the orcs from freeing Osal.
The dying Portals
The magic of the Portals is fading and, though only few scholars are wooried now, a general failure would lead to islands being cut off from each other.
Rohen's books
Rohen the creator of the portals, resided frequently in the old stronghold, teaching others about portal magic. Matricus believs manuscripts must still be there and their content would help the research into the casue of the portal's decay.
Master Askan
Take the four recovered manuscripts to Master Askan in Sevenkeeps
The Iron Falcons
When you ask him about them Alwin tells you the Iron Falcons were once a heroic order of Paladins, founded by the Lightgods themselves. Theor weapons and armor were of unequalled quality. Perhaps you can recover some of these gorgeous objects.
Connach's blacksmith Berengar is somewhat of an expert when it comes to armor of the old Iron Falcons. Perhpas he can tell you more about it.
The Lost Armor
Berengar once owned an beautiful leather armor from an Iron Falcon scout. It was lost when he sent it to an exhibition in Sevenkeeps, he believes the dekivery was robbed near the portal to Sevenkeeps.
Borrower's note from Undergant
On the late Dr. Mauser you find a note written by Professor Undergant from the University of Sevenkeeps. Apparenly the thief, Dr. Mauser, sold the armor to the University it was originally intended for.
The Grey Family - Letho
The Grey family is one of the richest in the Highmark, with much of the best land around Rushwater Downs belonging to them. But recently they've given everything away, it seems they've travelled to the Gate of Swords to escape an old curse.
Talk to Letho Grey
Berengar told you the old man in Connach is Letho Grey, the head of a rich and mysterious family. Talk to Letho about his families history.
Look for the Grey Family
The Greys seem haunted by a curse and have fled to the Gate of Swords. Look for them there, should you be in those lands.
An odd codger
A strange fellow helped you by taking out the magician Dr. Mauser. He seemed to know you, called you a genius and said something about "Four Iridium Geodes and a Moonglass".


Things to attack


A prebuild base is available for the defense of Lyraine, when command is transferred it consists of Headquarters, two farm, two towers and an Alter of Life. Nearby resources consist of:

  • Stone (3800)
  • Silver (8000)
  • Lenya (11000)

There are more - and large - resources near the orc camp in the northeast.

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