When the future Phoenix Bearer was running around the lands of Liannon, she met with a local fisherman, Tyrgar Brannon. He was extremely annoyed because of some goblins that were harassing him by stealing fish. He was having troubles to deliver the food to his comrades in the village in time.

It is the goblins' fault. They are hauling in all the fish over there on the northern river bed. [...] I cannot supply Sunder. Although he is been waiting for a fresh load of fish for days now.
Tyrgar Brannon about the Fishrobbers

Taking care of the goblins

The rune warrior offered her help and then went back to Liannon's north. At the river west of the Bridge Guards, the Fishrobber could be found along with some other goblins. They would attack on sight but they were not posing a huge threat.

Delivering the goods

After the Fishrobber was dead, the rune warrior grabbed the stolen fishes and went back to Tyrgar Brannon. After he heard of the news, he was happy but he was unable to go to the village. He asked the rune warrior to deliver the goods to Sunder Blackhand personally.

Could you bring the sack down to Sunder in the village with my best wishes? Unfortunately, I cannot get away from here. I think it might prove profitable for you.
Tyrgar Brannon asking to deliver the fishes

Sunder was slightly surprised that the future Phoenix Bearer had delivered fishes to a low-born blacksmith. He was thanking the rune warrior for having helped his old friend Tyrgar Brannon and for having delivered the ordered goods. He handed over a Bone Shield as a reward.

I would not have thought a warrior of the runes would stop to help a simple fellow like me. I guess you are alright. Come along, I got something for you
Sunder Blackhand after receiving the goods

Tips and tricks

  • The Fishrobber and the goblins around it might prove to much if you just arrived at Liannon. However once you have summoned a Rune Hero at the Rune Monument it should be alot easier.
  • You can try to lure out the goblins towards the Bridge Guards. The Leonidar soldiers are strong enough to easily kill them. You will receive no experience points that way though.