SpellForce: The Shadow of the Phoenix is the second expansion pack of the first SpellForce series and thus a continuation of the events of SpellForce: The Order of Dawn and SpellForce: The Breath of Winter. The expansion pack takes place in the southern continent of Xu and continues the stories of the Phoenix Bearer and the Shadow Warrior and bringing the former two protagonists together to solve a strange mystery involving the corpses of their former masters, the mages of the Circle.


  • Maximum avatar level is expanded to 50
  • New spells and abilities for your characters
  • New units for your rune armies
  • New enemies to fight against
  • New lore information regarding formerly unknown places, organizations and their history
  • Conclusion of the events started by the Phoenix Bearer and the Shadow Warrior in their respective campaign


The Masked One is revealed to be the circle mage Hokan Ashir, who was brought back to life by the Mask of Belial. He was attempting to revive the mages of the circle with a potion made from the blood of a captured guardian god.

Hokan had set up a fortress within the Bone Temple, the old fortress of the renegade god Zarach deep within the Black Jungle. There he attempted to use the power of the resurrected circle to merge with the demi-god Belial who was residing in the Mask of Belial. He thus attempted to become the new god of death leading the mages of the circle against the peoples of Eo. However the Phoenix Bearer and the Shadow Warrior were prophetized to stop Hokan and thus come to Xu, to put and end to their former masters.

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