Spellforce 2: Demons of the Past is the third and final expansion by Nordic Games GmbH.

Demons of the Past is the epic new chapter of SpellForce, the unique blend of RPG and RTS. Experience this worthy conclusion of all previous games in the SpellForce-series. Check out the new single player campaign with 25+ hours of gameplay, in which nearly all races are playable – Pact, Clan and the Shaikan.


Zazhut is free, and his wrath now descends upon Eo. The Shaikan are hopelessly outnumbered – but you, an Elder of the Shaikan, are not willing to give up hope. Joined by companions old and new, you head out towards the Realm of the Gods, for only they seem able to oppose Zazhut's power.

However, the Gods play a game of their own, and don't seem to be inclined to help you... The fate of Eo now rests within your hands; face the demons of the past, collect information about Zazhut and banish evil from this world, once and for all. Much has changed in time... are your foes as dangerous and your friends as faithful as they used to be?

Game features:

  • 5 totally new worlds – 8 worlds in total
  • Many side quests and optional gameplay (Around 50 main quests and around 40 sidequests with lots of subquests)
  • A gripping story that continues the narrative of all previous SpellForce games
  • A lot of new items and item sets (used as rewards, loot and at merchants), new spells, new weapons
  • Various Single- and Multiplayer modes: Campaign, Free game, Free game Coop, Skirmish, Domination
  • First SpellForce series appearance: Survival multiplayer mode up to 3 players with new Boss Fight mode
  • Major Engine & Technical Re-Design/Re-Work
  • Choose between a Female and Male Avatar
  • Stand Alone Add-On, no previous SpellForce titles are required to play Demons of the Past


  • The Elder - The protagonist of the game
  • Craig Un'Shallach - Was a main character that first appears in the first game Spellforce: The Order of Dawn
  • Zazhut - It is said that this creature has a very big infulence on the nameless and it's considered as a bigger evil than anything the world has seen before, could that be true? The Elder will find out
  • Professor Twiddle - Was a peculiar professor who experimented time travelling and other interesting scientifical domains
  • Shadow Warrior - Was a protagonist in the game Spellforce: The Breath of Winter and an important character in Spellforce: The Shadow of the Phoenix
  • Nightsong - Nightsong was half-dead when the Shadow warrior escaped with her from Wastelands of Sorrow,
  • Yasha Ashir - Daugther of Hokan Ashir, stubborn like her father she tried to build her version of her father's blades

The Guardians:

  • Hirin - Also named "The Rider" is revered by  all people as a death messenger. He represents/is reffered to as wind, storm, course of time, transitoriness, freedom
  • Elen - The Lonesome is the goddess of elves    
  • Zerbo - Usually revered by thieves, traders and entertainers. He represents/is reffered to as cunning, deception, trade, music, dexterity, thief art, Fiddler, the entertainer in the mirror, rag prince, snow-white fool    
  • Niethalf - He is often referred to, and honored, as a war god. Thus, he is seen as the patron of warriors    
  • Ereon - Also named "The Scribe" he represents/is reffered to as knowledge, education, medicine, research, neutrality, justice, Master of the book, the mediator, protector of the Arcanes, the fair one    
  • Shanna - Also named "The Weaver". She represents/is reffered to as business, home, health, family, healing, softness, Mother, Sister, The Good-natured One, The Gentle Hand    
  • Tiara -  Also named "The Dancer". She represents/is reffered to as the sun, vitality, light, the good, hope, internal strength, warmth, fire, passion, Dancing flame, heaven guardian, the golden one, the radiant one    
  • Kerona - This guardian is shrouded in mistery    
  • Zarach - One of the renegade gods.Originally named Ulm, he was the keeper of diversity and change    
  • Nor - Another renegade god. He represents the next symbols: Moon, night, silent, sleep, forgetting, cold        

Minor characters:    

  • Flink McWinter - Was a trickster, liar and thief that met the Rune Warrior from the previous game.Who knows what he prepared for the Shaikan Elder? He'll find out soon.    
  • Joshua Hallit - Was the son of Lord Jonir Hallit who left his own brother, Herger Skjalfson to die in the southern windwall mountains    

(subpoint of characters: Companions)


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