In SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest there are lots of different active abilities, auras and perks that are available for General Aerev, his companions and the mercenaries.

Also there are lots of different requirements and other stats and information such as how the damage works with the resistances.

Thus this article sums up all necessary information regarding skills and perks of the game.

Table of Contents

Base Stats

Way before any ability there are lots of attributes and stats. Those stats are of absolute importance in gameplay and ignoring them will lead to your character's demise sooner or later. A list of what each stat does will follow up now.

Vital Stats

  • Health : The character's current and maximum life points. Life indicates how much ingoing damage a character can sustain before being defeated and killed on the battle fields.
  • Focus: The character's current and maximum focus points. Focus is used to cast spells and abilities. When not having enough focus reserves the character is unable to cast new abilities. Aura abilities do not utilize focus but instead reserve a fix amount of focus that cannot be regenerated.



Improves the damage of strength-based weapons and abilities
Increases the power of strength-based boons and afflictions
Increases physical resistances and health regeneration


Improves the damage of dexterity-based weapons and abilities
Increases the power of dexterity-based boons and afflictions
Increases critical strike chance and block chance
Reduces the cooldowns of your abilities


Improves the damage of intelligence-based weapons and abilities
Increases the power of intelligence-based boons and afflictions
Increases focus regeneration


Increases health points
Increases the power of constitution-based boons and afflictions
Allows you to wear heavier equipment


Improves the damage of willpower-based weapons and abilities
Increases the power of willpower-based boons and afflictions
Increases your maximum focus
Increases your magical resistance

Damage Types

SFIcon Pierce.png Pierce
Damage dealt by penetrating attacks such as ranged weapons and some daggers
SFIcon Blade.png Strike
Damage dealt by common melee weapons
SFIcon Magic.png Magic
Damage dealt by magic based abilities or enchanted weaponry
SFIcon Siege.png Siege
Damage dealt by heavy weapons and siege units
SFIcon Pure.png Pure
Damage dealt entirely bypassing any kind of resistance.


SFIcon Pierce.png Pierce
Determines resistance against piercing damage-based attacks
SFIcon Blade.png Blade
Determines resistance against common melee attacks
SFIcon Magic.png Magic
Determines resistance against all kinds of magic damage.
SFIcon Siege.png Siege
Determinates resistance against siege damage-based attacks


Other than in SpellForce 3 the amount of different damage types and their corresponding resistances has been reduced in SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest. Instead a new system was established that is utilizing the unit characteristics to calculate bonus effects.

Fire damage is still present but instead dealt as magic damage with an additional bonus against units with the characteristics Ice Creature but with no effect against units with the characteristics Fire Creature (such as dragons). The amount of characteristics is vast and the combinations are virtually endless. Thus when combining your abilities and equipment pieces, try to get benefits against enemies with unique characteristics.

Combat Modifiers

  • Block Chance
    Determines how likely the character is able to completely avoid an enemy attack.
  • Critical Hit Chance
    Determines how likely an attack of the character deals more damage.
  • Damage
    Determines the range of damage for each attack.
  • Damage Type
    Shows the damage types applying to the attacks.
  • Attacks per second
    shows the attacks the character deals per second.

Ability Trees

After an ability has been leveled the character gains access to new abilities. All abilities are being placed into your ability overview window and can there be put into your active ability loadout. To decrease load time of this article all ability trees have been created as separate articles, that you can see below.

SF3SH AbilityTreeIcon 08.png Combat Arts

Combat Arts are all about offense. Master powerful perks to improve your weapon handling, learn techniques that allow you to hit several enemies at once, enter devastating battle frenzies allowing you to cause havoc on the battlefield.

SF3SH AbilityTreeIcon 01.png Defensive Arts
As the name suggests the Defensive Arts are the school of choice for those wishing to protect. Master the handling of shields, protect your allies by drawing the ire of your enemies and strengthen them and yourself with defensive magic.
SF3SH AbilityTreeIcon 09.png Hunting
Hunters are mobile scouts skilled in tracking enemies, the handling of bows and crossbows and dual wielding one-handed weapons. Fire special ammunition at your enemies and lay traps for deadly ambushes.
SF3SH AbilityTreeIcon 04.png Evocation
Evokers are masters of the elements. Control the forces of ice and fire to wreak havoc on your enemies, both from afar and up close. While fire magic focuses on destruction, ice magic also has protective capabilities.
SF3SH AbilityTreeIcon 03.png Necromancy
Necromancers control the graves and use black magic to annihilate their enemies. Summon the fallen to aid you in combat, silence and weaken your foes with virulent diseases and you death magic to deal the finishing blow.
SF3SH AbilityTreeIcon 02.png Light Magic
Light mages are skilled healers. While their focus lies on restoration, they also possess a considerable array of offensive spells that are particularly potent against undead and other vile creatures.
SF3SH AbilityTreeIcon 06.png Demonology
Demonologists focus on weakening their enemies and cutting past their resistances by dealing pure damage. This power comes at a price - most of their abilities cost life instead of focus. Their own or that of allies.
SF3SH AbilityTreeIcon 07.png Druidism
Druids are versatile mages with access to a wide array of spells: Shapeshift into wild animals, mend wounds and regrow resources or unleash the wrath of nature upon your enemies.
SF3SH AbilityTreeIcon 05.png Beguilement
Beguilement is the school for those wishing to deceive and empower. Assist your party through inspiring songs and sow chaos in the ranks of your enemies  by employing illusory magic.


Between each of the two ability trees there exists a synergy ability that will be available. Those synergy abilities are particularly strong and focus on enhancing both ability trees or by drawing power from both trees' passive perks.

🡆 See the article Synergies in Soul Harvest for additional information

Afflictions and Boons

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