The Circle is a name given to the 13 most powerful mages on Eo. They were to preserve the peace between the races and research Magic for the well being of everyone. Their home was the former shaper city of Mulandir.

Founding of the Circle

Because of the previous Mage Wars in Nortander and the cruel fighting caused by the Purity of Light the Circle was established five hundred years before the rune warriors and the Convocation with a goal to prevent wars and conflicts, as well as to keep other power hungry mages under control. During it's first years, the circle followed these goals and Eo had peace and order. Even the dark races acknowledged their authority and a golden age began.

At all times, the mages have brought unrest to the world with their thirst for knowledge and power. The Circle was founded by an agreement of all nations to put an end to the intrigues of the magicians. The thirteen most powerful mages of all nations, adherents of both light and darkness, joined the Circle. [...] At first the mages fulfilled their taskes with earnestness and established peace and justice, where hate and intrigues had once reigned supreme.
Darius Servil about the start of the Circle

The Archfire and the Convocation Wars

This changed with the discovery of the Archfire. Much sorrow could have been avoided, had they not invited the perdition in the form of Hokan Ashir into their midst. The Archfire alone was enough to seduce them with madness. It was then that the Fial Darg brought out information to the Circle which were telling from an unheard ritual by which a mortal could achieve the power of the gods. The greed caused by this lofty goal was enough to split the circle so each mage wanted to gain the godly power for himself or herself.

It all began with the discovery of the Archfire and secret of the Convocation. Thirteen mages, blinded, driven by the greed for divine power. And under the bondage of the Circle, their armies unleashed death and destruction. Bonded with the power of ancient runes, cursed to eternal life and eternal death. Until the last day of the old era had dawned...
— Narrative given by the official SpellForce site

Uram the Red and Hokan Ashir

Two of the mages, Uram the Red and Hokan Ashir, wanted to claim the Phoenix Stone as their own because inside of it was a creature made from Archfire, the Phoenix, and its power as immeasureable. While the battles between the other mages did little to scar the land, the armies of Hokan and Uram devastated it.

At first there were only the Red Legion on Uram's side and Hokan's pupils on the other. However the conflict soon escalated and Hokan conjured an army of undead which slowly pushed back Uram's soldiers, due to him not being able to get a sufficient number of demons under his control.

Only once Uram managed to find and enslave the great demon Ulather, did he have unlimited access to the horde of demons which caused even more havoc than Hokan's undead. Their acid slobber and magic devastated the land around Mulandir and made the Darklands out of it. It seemed as if Uram the Red could win the war with the help of the Red Horde.

Hokan had to retreat and Uram conquered Mulandir. However the war continued, and before Hokan's undead were finally defeated, he conjured an even mightier army. With the help of the Soulforger, which he had created, Hokan formed a near unconquerable army of Blades, which swept away Urams demons during the battle at Kaith Halur.

Rise of the Primal Elements

What the other mages did during the war is not known, but they most certainly fought amongst each other. It's worth mentioning that Raith also had contentions with Hokan. Rohen also mentioned that his orc army engaged in battle with a human army during the Convocation, while he was fighting his old self that travelled through time in his tower. All the circle mages except for these two Rohens were annihilated by their own spells during the Convocation.

After the Convocation

Hokan Ashir was resurrected by the Mask of Belial which was brought to his grave in Whisper by a Rune Warrior. After he stabilized his condition because he was weakened after his resurrection, he brought back to life and enslaved all the other members of the Circle with the help of the Life Essence. This potion was created by using the blood of the god Ereon.

With their help he wanted to merge himself with the half-god Belial deep in the Black Jungle, in the Bone Temple of Zarach. Just before the merging, Hokan was stopped by the Phoenix Bearer and the Shadow Warrior. They used the Shadowblade to break open the Phoenix Stone. The unleashed Phoenix recognized its former enslavers and killed Hokan Ashir and all of the resurrected mages of the circle. The end of the circle marked the end of the rune wars and the start of a new era without rune magic.

Circle mages

Circle Rohen.jpg

Rohen Tahir

One of the survivors of the Convocation. He had helped out the Phoenix Bearer during the Battle of Fiara. He also founded the Order of Dawn and constructed the portal network to ease the difficulties caused by the Primal Elements. He died through the hands of the Dark One at the Frost Marshes.

Circle Hokan.jpg

Hokan Ashir

Being the most powerful necromancer who had ever lived, the former pupil of the Zerbites, had emerged from Xu with the Mask of Belial, a powerful artefact. He researched many taboos. He and Uram the Red, the demonologist, fought during the Convocation wars until the end was near. During the Battle of Fiara, the Phoenix Bearer helped him to regain his body.

Circle Uram.jpg

Uram the Red

Uram was after the Phoenix Stone to get ultimate powers but so was Hokan Ashir. The conflict between their armies devastated the lands and turned once fertile soil into the Darklands. After having obtained the control over the Red Horde, Uram was first able to overthrow Hokan's undead before the deciding battle of Kaith Halur.

Circle Raith.jpg

Raith the Black

A mighty sorcerer of the Norcaine who examined the City of Souls, which granted him a seat in the Circle. He had multiple encounters with Hokan Ashir and the Fial Darg during the Rune Wars. He was buried in the City of Souls and his grave had been guarded by a Fial Darg.

Circle Ianna.jpg

Ianna the Singer

A powerful mental mage who was gifted in the art of taking away mana from her enemies She was buried at the Blackwater Coast. She was rumored to possess an innate gift of sensing her opponents' emotions and thoughts and she used that advantage for her own good.

Circle Silverhand.jpg

Silverhand, the Master of Mirrors

Another master of mental magic with extreme powerful abilities affecting someones mind. Similar to Ianna he had been able to sense his surrounding extremely well due to his nature of being a Dreamweaver. Outplaying his opponent's mind with his tricks and emotions was his forte.

Circle Yria.jpg

Yria of the Light

The only elf within the Circle was a former citizen and priest trainee of Finon Mir, before being exiled for having broken one of the taboos of the city. She specialized in white magic but far exceeded the common healing spells and even became adapt and manipulating life in all its forms extraordinarily well.

Circle Zahaar.jpg

Zahaar the Snake

The second Norcaine within the circle was an expert of black magic just like his colleague Raith. He earned his nickname because of his extremely potent poisoning spells and his expertise in affecting other bodies through the dark arts.

Circle Undergast.jpg

Undergast the Weaver

Born in Xu but having moved to Nortander during a very young age, Undergast had been able to experience complex magic of normally opposing elements. This Paradox Magic was so unusual, that he became a renowned mage of the Circle shortly after its founding.

Circle Shar.jpg

Shâr of the Isles

Born outside the continent of Fiara, Shâr belonged to the Uulyas Tribe and thus was a descendant of once pure-blooded hybernians. He was extraordinarily gifted with magic and unknowingly tamed medusae and other wildlife creatures to do his bidding. When he was invited to join the Circle, his medusae were the elite among Mulandir's guard.

Circle Gor.jpg

Gor the Changeling

A powerful summoner and the only orc of the Circle. He was born and raised as a shaman of the Firewielder tribe. When he learned about his innate gifts, he became a powerful shapeshifter and was able to turn into almost any known form - be it a wolf or a powerful demon.

Circle Isgrimm.jpg

Isgrimm the Smith

The stone shaper of Windholme had been an expert on the Shapers and their legendary city Mulandir.He was the one who discovered the usage of the archfire and the rune magic. He also improvised the ancient arts and forged the souls of servants to runes and thus created the rune warriors as servants of the Circle.

Circle ThePiper.jpg

The Piper

Nothing much was known about the thirtteenth mage except that he was an extremely powerful mage. His hypnosis spells were capable to numbing one's mind unknowingly and whoever fell asleep to the Piper's spells, would probably never wake up again.

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