The The Gospel of the Light is a common document in SpellForce 3. It could be found at many areas but with increased chance in areas, where the Purity of Light holds great influence such as Greyfell.Placeholder

Background story

The Purity of Light was a newly founded religion, born from the common folk's fear towards the mages and their abuse of magic during the Mage Wars. This document was written by one of the more devoted believers of the religion and his beliefs in how humanity could be saved.

The Gospel of the Light

When Aonir, All-Father, set the Godstones on Eo, this world was blessed.

When Aonir, All-Father, created the Guardians and bid them to watch over Eo, this world was blessed.

When Aonir, All-Father, gazed upon Eo and saw humanity, this world was blessed.

When Aonir, All-Father, forsook Eo for the sins of humanity, this world was damned.

We ask outselves, how did we lose our way? The answer is clear. We are sinners, partakers in violence and greed. We are tainted, lusting for power, that we do not deserve. We are thieves at a feast, coveting that which is not ours.

Magic is a gift that does not belong to us. That some of us are born with magic is unavoidable. It is those who choose to use magic for their own selfish purpose that taint themselves. Mages not in service of the Light desecrates the All-Father's wish and for that we name them Defilers. Sins of defilers are sins against the All-Father - only death can absolve them of these sins.

Only through the Light can we become pure. Only by becoming pure, can the All-Father return. This is the sacred task we humble scions must undertake. We must wash the world pure and prepare the way for Aonir's return.

The day the Harbinger of Light opens the gate, shall be a day of reckoning. The All-Father, pleased by the restoration of the purity of the world, will return to bestow everlasting peace and unity. Humanity shall once again be blessed.

We ask outselves, what more can we do to hasten this coming? How may we best serve the Light? We look to the Harbinger of LIght, to the designs only Aonir's chosen knows and recite these words:

"By the Light, I am pure. Where once we sinned, now shine the Light."

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