The Needle


The Needle, in between the Highmark and the Gate of Swords it has become the border fortress of the Clans, with an impressive layered defense appropriately named the Bullwark.





Rescue for the Iron Fields

Matricus and the Griffins
Matricus has oredered the new Griffon riders of the Order to the Bullwark, but they have been separated from the main force. If you can reach them he will put them at your disposal.
Through the Bullwark
As the collapse of the pass in Norimar has blocked that route to the Iron Fields you have to go through the Needle. You have to break through the Clan defense to reach the portal leading to the Iron Fields.
A new Command
Prince Sighard has been killed and you are to take command of his camp on the west bank of the Axe River. Go there and speak with Matricus.
The first Wave
The Iron Storm clan are expected to launc a counter attack soon. Use the archers of the elves to stop them when they attempt to pass the fords, where their superior range has the greatest advantage.
There is little time to build some 8-12 units, a farm and maybe a shrine if you want druids, but it should be enough to repel this first attack, together with your heroes. Resources are west against the hill, in sufficient quantities and more resources can be found later.
Griffon Riders
Prince Sighard has send the new Griffon Riders from the Order into battle, but their advance has cut them off from the main force and they've made their stand east of the Axe River. If you manage to relieve them they could be usefull against the Clan's flying devils.
You can free them with your heroes and a small group of archers and druids once the pressure on your base is reduced. You need them to destroy the Patriarchs in the northern mountains that create the annoying "flying devils", but they aren't crucial to the attack on the Bullwark.
There are three orc camps then can hamper your attack on the Bullwark. Along with your own camp, the armies of Einar and Kanar are at your command, but the Realm troops are still confused and disorganized. Now your blood has to prove it's worth, decide which of the enemy camps they are supposed to attack first.
The attacks basically reach your camp from two directions, the north and the south-east, and ordering Einar and Kanar to attack the southern camp will keep attacks from the south away. Keep extending your base and army and defend it in the north, while the generals are busy. When the southern camp has been destroyed tell them to attack the norhtern camp. You can now station your army (and some towers) at the northern ford and harvest the lenya to the north of it, under protection of your heroes and later some towers. When the nothern camp is destroyed you can tell the generals to gather materials until your army is at full strength - build some catapults and a Titan - and you are ready to attack the large camp in front of the Bullwark. Then tell the generals to attack that camp and send your army in as well, but keep them away from the walls.
When the camp before the Bullwark has been destroyed a mercenary appears who will tell you there is a backdoor, through the mines. Only your Shaikan can take that path and although they can take down the camps on their own, the Titans awaiting them before the end require an army and thus cleaning out the Bullwark anyway. It's an option though.
It's time the catapults of Underhall show their worth, storm the large fortress in the East and break through the defense with their heavy missiles.
When going through the front door you might want to build a Warrior Guild as the catapults are weak and slow. Position a small army before the entrance, but well beyond the reach of their towers and catapults, to catch some minor attacks. Take the towers on the first wall with your catapults, approaching from the north. Proceed carefully southwards, one tower at a time and replace units lost to the enemy fire. Repeat the procedure from the south. The first wall is the hardest, once it's cleared you can move your Titan and some support in there to lure enemy catapults from the next line(s) of defense. Proceed with caution, luring and draining the enemy.
The breaking up of the Dark Ones
Your enemies are fighting each other, use this to your advantage. If you play it clever you can take the Bullwark with a minimum of losses. Actually the camps on the heigths behind the Bullwark can be taken by your Shaikan alone and are no match for your army. When the last camp falls a couple of Titans appear, you could build some towers nearby to keep them occupied while your archers and catapults pummel them to death. Loot the key from the last one and you face Thoth's luitenant Kaziz, with only your Shaikan, but he has nothing to bring beyond a lot of HP.
On to the Iron Fields
The Bullwark has fallen and not only can you now reach the Iron Fields, you have also secured a supply route for the Realm troops. Hopefully Shaikur has withstood the attacks so far. If you have the time for it you could visit the ruins with the undead in the far south.

Side quests

Westguard - The builder's Worries
Warrad's daughter Kara disappeared and his worries are torturing him badly. You must find her before you can order any more work from him.
A Happy father
You've found Kara in one of the clan camps and she has returned home safely. Now her father can concentrate on the building jobs you have for him in Westguard.


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