When the future Phoenix Bearer came to Greyfell, Seno the Dentist was missing his tools. On his last trip to Liannon, the pliers and tweezers from Seno were robbed by a goblin, Wartskin. The rune warrior offered her services in finding the tools and went to the Leonidar lands.

You might be able to do me a favor. The last time I was in Liannon, a gang of goblins stole a set of my most expensive pliers and tweezers. Should you happen to find them...
Seno asking for help

Finding the tools

The goblin Wartskin could be found south of the village together with some other thieves. After he had been defeated, the a rusty key could be found on his body but there was no chest close-by. The corresponding chest could be found north of Liannon village next to the Shan Muir's old house.

After having obtained the tooth crusher's pliers, the future Phoenix Bearer returned them to Seno the Dentist. She was thanked by him and offered free dental care in the future, if she would ever need it.


See below where to find Wartskin and the chest in Liannon.

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