In all SpellForce games the main character is engaged in multiple battles.

Not only does he fight for himself alongside some chosen companions, but also he has access to armies. Said armies are often made of  different races and do have different units and ways of playing. See below which armies are available in each game.


These peoples can be led into battle by either the Phoenix Bearer, the Shadow Warrior or by the Messenger.

Light Races

Dark Races

Runehuman Humans Runeorc Orcs
Runeelven Elves Runetroll Trolls
Runedwarven Dwarves Runedarkelven Dark Elves


See below a small overview about possible units within the first SpellForce series' armies.

SpellForce 2

These armies can be led into battle by various Shaikan commanders such as the Soul Carrier, the Shaper Conqueress and many more.

TheRealmSymbol The Realm
The humans of the Highmark, the Morhir of Dun Mora and the dwarves of Underhall
NorcaineSpiderSymbolThePact The Pact
The dark elves of Lar being allied with the shadows and their gargoyle servants.
TheClanSymbol The Clans
The Iron Storm orcs led by the Iron Lord along with some barbarians and trolls
TheShaikanSymbol The Shaikan (since SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm)
Talented Shaikan fighters supported by Yasha Ashir's Blades and the dragons of the Refuge

Besides those armies there are also some armies which are hostile towards the Shaikan commanders.

SFWikiaAnonymousPic Beastmen
An amalgamation various kinds of wild creatures and beasts.
SFWikiaAnonymousPic Undead
Brought back from the soil these undead are dangerous to all living things.
SFWikiaAnonymousPic The Nameless (since SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny)
An ancient tribe of demons that returned after the Shadow Wars and the Portal Crisis to overthrow the world

SpellForce 3

These armies can be led into battle by Corporal Tahar.

Human Symbol Humans
The royal army of Nortander, the Wayfarers as well as some Iron Falcon soldiers
Elven Symbol Elves
The Morhir of Lâthweyn in Leafshade deployed by the scryer council
Orc Symbol Orcs
Fighters and shamans of the Firewielder tribe of the Foot of Barga Gor

SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest

After the Purity Wars General Aerev and other capable commanders would be able to lead several armies into combat.

SF3SH ArmyIcon Human Humans
The royal army of Nortander as it was deployed by Queen Ayelith
SF3SH ArmyIcon Elves Elves
The Morhir of Lâthweyn who had managed to survive in the jungles of Nortander
SF3SH ArmyIcon Orcs Orcs
Fighters and shamans of the Great Tribe that was founded by the Circle mage Gor
SF3SH ArmyIcon Dwarves

Fighters and scholars that were making up the army of the Windwall Empire

SF3SH ArmyIcon DarkElves

Dark Elves
Serving the Exalted Father of Lar these dark elves were deadly fighters and mages alike.

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