The War of the Six Races was the largest known war between the major mortal races in the history of Eo.

Background information

At the beginning of time the gods were created by Aonir and the mortal races followed soon after. Humans, elves and dwarves were created and they followed the gods' teachings and began to prosper. They founded settlements all across Eo and as time passed, huge civilizations like the Hybernian Empire, the kingdom of Finon Mir and the empire of the Windwall Mountains had been established.

Ulm's betrayal

While the humans were honoring Aonir and Tiara, the elves were following Elen and the dwarves believed in Niethalf, there was one who was feeling lonely because he felt misunderstood: Ulm the Welfare Worker. He was responsible for keeping the nature's diversity but even as he fulfilled his duty with utmost devotedness to Aonir, he wanted more. He wanted a race that would look up to him.

Ulm copied what he had observed from Aonir when the mortals were created and began his own experiments. He first began shaping the minds and bodies of already existing races and improved them - at least that was what he was attempting. Most would say that the orcs and trolls were failures since they were simple-minded and bloodthirsty compared to the light races but they were honoring Ulm.

The Welfare Worker gave up his old name and called himself Zarach the Growing. For his brother Nor who felt similarly to him, he created the dark elves by manipulating the elven race considerably. The Norcaine were praying to Nor ever since but they never forgot who was their creator.

After having gotten some experience in changing already existing races, Zarach then decided that he wanted to create something entirely new. He put in all his effort and created a new race with no resemblance to any other mortal race ever known: The Fial Darg.

Founding of the Black Legion

SF1Render Orcs Veteran

Orcs were a core-part of the Black Legion's forces. Their innate brutality was dangerous on its own but after having been equipped with armors and weapons they became even more dangerous.

The dark princes were Zarach's most famous work but because he had defiled Aonir's will by having created new races on his own, the guardian gods apprehended him and Nor. The two gods were brandished as Renegates and were put into seals to punish them for their doings by the other gods.

This unprecedented intervention caused the dark races but especially the Fial Darg to be bursting with rage. From their point of view their masters had been imprisoned for having given them life and this act was something that they could never forgive.

The Fial Darg united all the dark races and called them to arms: The Black Legion was founded for the sole purpose of avenging their fallen gods. They declared war on the races of light and thus initiated the dangerous conflict that would be known as the War of the Six Races in the future.

The ships of the Black Legion were the first ones to land in Fiara. Like straw before scythe the light worshippers fell under the axes of the legion. Their swords could not get through the legion's armors

The combined forces of orcs, trolls and dark elves led by the Fial Darg within the Black Legion were not to be underestimated and they swooped through the lands of the light. One by one the lands of light fell to the dark ones during the War of the Six Races. The light races were desperate because they had no way of fighting the Fial Darg. While they would be able to fight against the orcs, trolls and dark elves, the tides of the battle would turn against them once the princes of darkness themselves would intervene.

Final Fight at the Godwall

After the Fial Darg had confronted the last remaining forces of light, the guardian gods themselves descended to Eo. They erected a wall made from the surrounding lands soon to be known as the Godwall. During that final fight the gods and light races were able to defeat the Black Legion. The Fial Darg were mostly killed but those who survived were sealed with spells deep below the earth.

Aftermath of the war


Thief Lemuel in Sevenkeeps was wearing a light armor of the Black Legion.

To keep the Fial Darg in check, the Iron Falcons were founded by the gods and were tasked in guarding imprisoned beings. The Black Legion dissipated but most of their fighters did not return home to Urgath but instead founded their own settlements.

The dark elves founded their land Lar while the orcs established themselves in the area around the Gate of Swords in the southern Highmark. And adventurers were often roaming the previous battlefields to find relics of the Black Legion as their craftsmanship was so extraordinary that not even the Iron Falcons were able to produce an equally powerful work.