The Zazhut Vanquisher - sometimes called The Shaikan Elder or The Elder - is the main protagonist for SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past.

Spellforce 2: Demons of the Past

His first appearance was in the city of Westguard where he met the council of the Shaikans formed by: Soulcarrier, Ayro, Shapercounqueress, Murnos and Noradim, he defeated the undead and freed the Zazhut Liberator from it's curse and protected the city from further attacks.

After helping the people of Westguard he listened to Craig's suggestion to go to The Stepping Stones that it was said to be a set of trial of the gods to reach The Realm Of Gods in search of answers about Zazhut.

He met a lot of challenges in The Stepping Stones, trials of the gods to be more exact; after he's beaten all the trials he proceeded to the Realm of the Gods.

After reaching the Realm of the Gods and going through another set of challenges he met Ereon and the other Guardians, Ereon couldn't help the Elder with direct knowledge because he is bound the guardian's collective decision but he still helped by suggesting the Elder to proceed to The Citadel where he could find more answers to his questions.

The Shaikan Elder proceeded to the Citadel where he learned that Zazhut was a creature made of pure archfire until his companion died in an accident.He also learned that the Guardians already fought Zazhut once.

In order to get help from Zarach, the renegade guardian gave the Elder a task, to go to the Depths of Kul'Rath and stop the Shaikan Leader who attacked the Orcs without the Shaikan council's consent.He learned that Yasha Ashir lead the attack and he stopped her and the Nameless, freed the dragon Jorbal and the proceeded to the Steelcoast as Zarach suggested.

After reaching Steelcoast he searched for the seals Zarach mentioned, those seals combined make a key that can free Kerona in the Icewastes of Shalibar; after he found the first two seals they proceeded to the Shadow Realm where the third and last seal was.

He retrieved all the seals and proceeded to the Icewastes of Shalibar.

In the Icewastes he found a Norcaine base that was in danger, he helped them and then he proceeded to find the crystals and free Kerona.

After he freed Kerona, Sariel showed her real face and almost killed Kerona; Shortly after the incident he proceeds to the Plains of Argan where the Nameless focused their forces.

The battle on the Plains of Argan wasn't an easy one, but he succeeded and after destroying all the Nameless camps, Zazhut himself appeared, with Sariel in his company.

But another surprise appeared, Kerona herself who came to help him in his quest.

After weakening Zazhut and Sariel, you find out that Kerona wanted to devour both Sariel & Zazhut to become the most powerful Guardian on Eo; but Sariel sacrificed herself to kill Kerona and after this Zazhut went berserk.

He didn't have time to wait, as he observed Zazhut's rage, he lured him to the ancient towers in the Plains of Argan; those towers were so powerful that they weakened Zazhut up to the point he could be lured to Zarach himself.

Zarach, in his rage, tried to fight him but without much success so Ereon intervened and he sacrificed himself to imprison/destroy Zazhut once and for all.


  • Both the heroes of both SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny and SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past have the same entity, Zazhut, in there title. The one that freed him from imprisonment and the one who killed him respectively.
  • It is currently unknown if this hero is canonically male or female. To avoid double writing, the article will be written with male gender in mind.
  • The hero is a Shaikan Elder, meaning that heis centuries old. However how old exactly he was, was never exactly specified.